Need help with 2 games please

hi i recently been trying to play sniper elite 3 and borderlands pre sequel on steam but when i use mods off infinity for them the game crashes but when i play the games without mods it runs fine ive tried to see if its my antivirus but it doesnt effect the games either way so i thought it might be the mods can anyone please help me i dunno if i should reinstall infinity or what to do but yeah hope to hear from someone soon :smiley: p.s ive tried mods on other games and they work i have windows 10

se3 has anticheat. for bps do you have the steam version or cracked? which cheats crash?

sorry but whats anticheat mean?? for bps i have steam version and ive tried them all but it freezes and crashes

scans your memory, when it detects cheats it crashes.

bps should work fine (i made the trainer using steam version), did the game have an update recently? I don’t think theres been an update for years now.

so sniper elite 3 cheats dont work cause the game detects cheats?? sorry whats point of the trainer then lol im confused. and dunno if there been an update for bps sorry

Its random and hits after some minutes (se3).

I don’t know why it is crashing for you, perhaps try at a different point in game. Also try the icdv tool, maybe the trainer download got corrupted etc.

i spose there no use in me using a trainer for sniper elite 3 then and whats a icdv tool sorry im not very tech savvy lol :slight_smile:

- ICDV2.bat - - Cleans up your cache

it says it cant find the link when i do it automatic i dunno what do i have the shortcut on my taskbar and desktop to

Delete the files yourself then. Should be in %APPDATA%\Daring Development