Need help with buying something

My plan is to buy a tiny pc that i can use for my new livingroom for my new apartment, ill still keep my old PC but itll be in the bedroom, so that my livingroom looks nice. ill be using this new small pc for my tv, to watch netflix and stuff like that. i want a somewhat cheap build, dont need a good gpu i dont think. i wanna keep it rather cheap because i will probably only use it to watch movies. i dont want to buy blue-rays all the time. also buying a new tv so yeah thats pretty cool. my budget is… lets see… how about we make it 500 dollars, but as cheap as possible. plz help me out guys :smiley:

i was considering a ps4 but changed my mind, pcs are more useful i think.

EDIT: but if u can find me a ps4 thats super cheap and if it can use netflix? then i might consider it… but pc is preferred.
EDIT again: i want a tiny tiny case if possible about the same size as a ps4 or something for a pc. i was looking at the chieftec compact series IX-01B Mini-ITX lemme know what u guys think.

been looking at the asus chromebox… is that a good buy maybe?
EDIT: scratch that xD not getting the chromebox.

If all you want it for is netflix, just go for a PS4 they are about $300 or so now. Plus they have netflix on them from the get go pretty sure.

but i wont be buying any games for it is it really worth 300 dollars without games and stuff? and wont i have to buy a controller too? What kinda specs does a ps4 have?
i was looking at the In Win BP671 Mini-ITX case, which looks nice.

uhm i want something to look nice also, coz my new apartment will be rather modern looking. :slight_smile:

I believe a ps4 has a 720/1080p resolution. Other than the resolution the ps4 is great for streaming netflix and such.

Chromecast should be the cheapes option.

chromecast? how does that work? do i just plug it into my tv and then watch netflix, or?

I am honestly not sure. It might require a phone or pc to stream to it wirelessly.

Edit: you definitely need a phone or pc to stream to it.

i do have a phone, but does that drain the battery super quick?
i have a huawei p8 so its like 2015’s best in test in norway. so not too bad i guess?
but battery life is only like 1 day. ;/ i do have one of those battery banks though.

I have never used one so I wouldn’t know how much it drains the battery. Keep the phone charging during the streaming and you should be fine.

Okay. that might be a better choice than getting a pc for it :stuck_out_tongue: but i wonder if it can do 4k or not… i cant find anywhere where it says 4k, i heard it did 50hz? hmm…
coz i heard that netflix can do 4k now and im buying a 4k tv so i kinda wanna experience that.

PS: if anyone knows of a somewhat cheap 4k tv lemme know. :slight_smile: i wanna be able to hang it on a wall so need a wallhanger thingy too.

Looks like there is an ultra version that Costs ~$80 and allows 4k.

ohh nice thanks :smiley:

I’ll be honest, I haven’t read replies yet as I am about to leave for work, but why not a Chrome OS system that you shot down earlier?
Otherwise, you could get a NUC.

If you are only watching Netflix, they are both cheaper than a PS4 and if they are hardwired, there will be no issue with Netflix 100%.

I have to agree that if you are just planning streaming nextflix or streaming movies from your PC you can buy something like an Amazon Fire TV and save a lot of money. I mean you can build an HTPC but is $500 really worth it when you can get a fire tv for like 100?

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ahh okay, i just heard someone commented on it that they had issues with it being slow or something.

whats a fire tv? btw i pretty much think im going for the chromecast ultra now :stuck_out_tongue: costs like 79 dollars. + shipping

Basically a chromecast from amazon