Need help with gta 4 mod please

anybody know of a gta4 svg usb type mod for online game downloaded on to a 360s , i have already used the mod tool on the regular game but it doesnt work online and all i can find is an iso mod which i have been told wont work on a downloaded game , its for my son and he plays with other players that have mods so it must be out there somewhere

Nope. He will need to flash his xbox or iso mod to be able to play with mods online.

i am avoiding flashing the xbox because i have heard you have to update it every few months or risk being caught out by xbox and possibly be banned and i dont have any burned games either i usually just buy them online from xbox

You don’t have to update every few months, I actually think it’s been a while since there was an update. As far as banning goes, it usually happens when someone burns a game that’s not released yet and plays it or if you don’t stealth patch your burns. I have 2 flashed older phat 360’s and both are still good for live play.

ok , cool thanks guys . i have 2 sons and we have a 360s each - just saves fights over who plays what but i will flash aarons for him, i download all our games from xbox because the discs get damaged by my boys and you sort of get two copies of each game if you work the console/profile/licence right but it does have its setbacks .

one more question ? will i need a disc of the game to get it to work for him ?

You download the ISO of the game from online sources and then burn it to a blank DVD+R DL(dual layer) disc, Verbatim DVD+R DL are your best bet, here’s a link to some so you know exactly what you need: Click Me

You will also need some special programs to burn working games, they are all free. You will learn about them in the video below.

It would be a good idea to start checking tutorials on the entire process. There are some here on site and all over the net so just Google it.
Here’s a tut I found for you on Youtube.

How to burn 360 games