Need help with liquid cooling

So, I first got a Corsair H90, but then saw that it was too wide.
Now I have a Corsair H80i, but the fans and the radiator fit (and are attached), but I don’t like how much the tubes need to bend. It basically pinches one of the tubes really tight.

I’ll probably need to return the H80, too, now, so anyone have any recommendations on one to get?

This is my build, and I have everything together except for the CPU cooler.

Would this one work?
The tubes look like they might be able to bend more than the Corsair ones.

You need to get a top mount if the tubes were pinched. You are still going to have the same bend radius if don’t move where the radiator is. Just so you know those units have no advantage over air cooling. Until you get into custom loops it really isn’t worth it.

I don’t think it would fit around the top edges of the case.

The radiator has two of the same type of fans that go on either of it, and here are some pics

Main reason that I am going with liquid though, is because the area that the PC will be in can get warm, and I’m worried with the GPU and the CPU that it might be too much heat with just a heatsink and a fan.

If you buy the correct one it will fit in the top just fine. I think the H100i is a 240mm rad so it will fit in the top. I ran 3 overclocked titans + a heavily overclocked 3820k with no issues on air.

So, I took the entire thing out, and then just started messing with the tubes to try and figure out a way to get it to fit with such a close distance between the CPU and those fans, and I believe I found a way.

Even though I tried that direction before only to have it pinch when I was doing it with the unit already attached, getting it curved prior to putting it in made it all work.

Thank you for helping though, because another person giving ideas really helped.