Need help with mods

ok so i have a plan to put mods on my bedrock minecraft

can i use harizion to put a mod on my 360 then put it on my xbox one edition then sync that world with my bedrock version and will the mods work???

im trying it today so i need to know fast

Maybe. I know I used it for borderlands2 modded it on 360 used horizon, saved to cloud , then Used the cloud save on xbox one

thanks i hope it works my pc is not good enough for minecraft

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You can use Horizon to put user created maps/worlds on your 360. I’m pretty sure you can then upload those to the cloud to download on Xbox One. But if you’re talking about PC mods that’s not going to work. If you mean just user made custom maps for 360 then you should be good to go.

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so it wont work for tinkers construct also will horizon not put the mod in my 360 world if its a pc mod i was going to use one for bedrock and put it on 360 THEN port it through theminecrafts

You don’t use Horizon to “Put” mods in a “World”. All you can do is transfer someone else’s 360 map/world or any other 360 world/map to your USB device and resign it to your profile ID so it will work on your 360 when you load the game up. If the world/map shows up as corrupted on your Xbox 360’s storage device in the games folder than it’s either not signed to your profile or not compatible with the Xbox 360 version of the game. You CAN NOT take PC mods/maps/world and easily put them on the 360 version of the game. Some PC stuff is possible to use on 360 but it needs to be converted first or recreated as a 360 file type.

well im yeeting
this program bye gunna find another one

Thanks Steve for your time and help. Gonna close it then.