Need help with rzr skyrim

I downloaded it and mounted it,but when it done and a i click on it and i get this error code.

App load error 5:00000065434

any ideas?

You could buy it.

just dont talk,ur not helping.

Now now lets not be rude

Are you using Phoenix?

no i mounted it with daemon and then installed it with the rzr911 and then we i got too launch it now i click play and it doesn’t start.

buy it why would you want to pirate it the game is amazeing worth the money ill spend £90 onit if it was that much might get the collectors edition as my first one didn’t work well the code didin’t lol but ill just sell that to my mate and say i got 2 coppies lol

I used Rzr911 also.
All I did was mount, extract, replace everything from the insta file to the extracted stuff, installed, and it worked perfectly.

you think u could team viewer. with me and help.

PM me/ aim me.