Need help with somethin

I need a quick favor from anyone who has 2 minutes of their time. Right now, im tryin to get a gamerpic off Horizon. When i put the title id and start searching, it keeps searching for hours and hours, even left it overnight and it did not complete (no pictures showed up). I know for a fact that i used this title id to get a picture a while ago and it was successful. Is Horizon not working atm or something?

Well, if anyone wants to do me a favor, please search gamerpics using this title id ----> 444d07da

Post if it came up for you. I am lookin for the Skull gamerpic (wearing sunglasses with fire reflection on it) If it did, could you upload that file for me please?


The ID works, but it does take a while for them to load. Please be patient and it will load eventually.

So you have tried this yourself very recently and it was successful? Im not sure being patient works, because i have left Horizon on searching for 2 days, that’s right…2 days and nothing came up. Is the program not working at this time or what?

Edit- i closed it and restarted it then the pictures showed themselves after a few seconds lol.

I would not have wasted all those times tryin to download it when the program was down. I feel like a ******in idiot now. Thanks alot.

All good. Glad you got it working. Closed.