Need help with the Dark Brotherhood

ok so earlier this year I had a save modded unfortunately later in the year I got too busy too play now coming back to my save I have found out the Courier or Kidnapping is bugged for starting the dark brotherhood quest line can some please fix this so I will either be kidnapped or start “Friends Like These” for me and can someone add the “Bound Dagger” spell tome for me as well. Thank You

if anyone could do this it would be a great help

anyone at all…it would be nice to do the Dark Brotherhood quest line

To my knowledge, you can’t regress in a game save. You can mod items, things that change all the time. But not where you are at in the game.

Alternative solutions include starting over (not so bad in my opinion) or finding another game save online that seems good to you.

so it’s not possible for someone to start the quest with the console commands and be kidnapped by Astrid for me and then save/rehash ?

Try searching google or the skyrim wiki for either solutions that you can try or commands that other people can use to “reset” the quest[s] for you.

this should be the console command to get the courier to come up to the player " setstage dbEntranceQuest 20 " and give the player the mysterious note

I will give it a try then.

Here you go! Save 975 - Azzadel Sleeping Giant Inn 07.14.05

Sleep in a bed for 24 hours and you should get kidnapped. I also added the Bound Dagger spell.

thanks very much I will check it out now

…wait isn’t the file supposed to be .exs not .dat ?

Open the exs in the content manager and replace the .dat file with the one i uploaded. The pc version uses .ess saves.

edit: here maelstrommarine - 1

thanks very much I am now part of the dark brotherhood