Need help with Xl team 80 mode modded controller My friend gave me

My friend gave me his modded controller without instructions . I need help setting it up. I have held the A button and B button and pulled the left trigger but the 4th player light still doesn’t come on. Idk what else to do . The first player light is only one that is lit up. I’m frustrated. Can anyone help?

Is it 80 or 45? I can’t find anything about a 80.

I know right? I couldn’t as well. Only
Found stuff for the 45. But he swears it’s a 80. Idk this is my first modded controller man lol. But I followed instructions on the 45 about holding a and b and pulling left trigger but nothing happens. I’m beyond stressed trying to get it to simply just turn on.

Are there any buttons that normally shouldn’t be there?

And have you asked your friend if they know of any issues with the controller?

I posted a picture above of what it looks like and he told me that it worked before he sent it. But the thing is when I plug my controller charger into it the 4th player LED blinks but doesn’t stay on. And without instructions for it I’m at a loss so seeing if anyone knows what to do.

Have you read the entire manual for 45? The combinations might be the same so it is worth trying out some of the combinations.

Is that a wireless controller? The mod chip might need battery power if the controller is the wireless model.

Yeah it’s wireless. How do I charge the chip? I put my battery pack from old controller into it but nothing.

The chip shouldn’t have a seperate battery nor large enough capacitors so it wouldn’t be charging it, just powering it.

Disconnect the cable in the front, place a regular 2xAA battery pack in the battery pack slot, connect the controller to the xbox (the top left light on the controller will turn on/be on), try the A B LT combo.

I have done that.

It might be broke. Did you really recieve it as a gift? You might have been scammed (if you bought it from a stranger).

I don’t know how those controllers are set up, it might have gotten smashed while transported, somehow damaging a chip or two. It could have short cicruited. Joints might have gotten loose.
Best way to identify physical damage would be by taking it apart, but that will require tools and experiance.

A guy I have known for years and it was free lol

Yeah I just thought I should mention it because people will try to sell internally broken electronics while claiming it is in working order. I have probably done it, not intentionally though.

Yeah I trust him lol just pissed it won’t work

Well at least it kept me bussy for a short while. I found a video with a unboxing of a 80:

Maybe the uploader can still be contacted (last video is 1 year old)