Need Help

hello i have an old xbox 360 i don’t use it to go online or anything its the xbox360 arcade? I was just wondering is there a way i can mod it with a USB ? What i want to be able to do is get all games for free? It is not to do modding it is just for the games any help would be much appreciated thank you!

You can flash your xbox or use an xkey in it. I don’t know how to either but your best bet is to google it.

I wouldn’t suggest you jtag it as you haven’t got much knowledge. So flashing or using an xkey is probably your way to go

can you do that with a USB and what does that allow me to do ? plus is it easy to do ?

No you can’t flash it with a USB. Like I said I’m not entirely sure the process so Google it. Will tell you more than I can.