Need Horizon in Another Language? Vote to get it added!

When a language reaches 100 votes in the poll above, we will add support for that language in Horizon. You may only vote once, so vote for your native language.

Do not waste our time voting for a language you don’t speak.

If you or someone you know speaks a language that should be added to Horizon. Please post a reply below so it can added to the poll.


Italiano :smiley:


Spanish for all those Walmart employees. Not incredibly fluent but it should definitely be added.

I remember this thread a long time ago and I chose 1337.

This time; Español.

Spanglish :smile:

Pretty sure it was mine :3

Anyways is German already added? If not that should be added before these …

but espanol since it isn’t on the list.

Swedish ain’t there :anguished:

The french gaming community is quite strong, although i don’t speak it, I think it would be good for horizon to be in french.


Español its common and sexy :wink:

Where’s l33t?

the **** ever happened to leet being added?

to all people asking for 1337

it was taken out cuz cheater thought it was “unfair” and ruined the chances of this happening

Well I guess I can’t vote I speak English lol.

This will be a good update for the other people that don’t speak English.

it actually was never supposed to be there. < 3

I’m not even Mexican but I think Español would be a great add-on.

like i said, it ruined the chances of this happening

You don’t have to be “mexican” to speak spanish. lol. :laughing: