Need ideas for games

Does anyone know of any free/cheap/fun games to play on PC?

any ideas guys?

You should have mentioned what types of games you enjoy playing. If you like old school style, open-world platform adventure type games you should check out Treasure Adventure Game. It’s free from the developers here:

I really enjoyed it. If i can think of some more I will update the post.

Okay, and yeah I should have. I like minecraft, MTG, Hearthstone and sports games. I play a little cod here and there but on console.

Well if your PC is good enough, just pirate some games.

Not a very good pirate m8

If you don’t want to do the pirate thing check out the games recommended here:

All are completely free to download and play. But most have micro-transactions and add on content to enhance game play which does require spending $, but is not mandatory.