Need instructions for XL Team 45 Mode

If any has the XL Team 45 mode modded controller can you send clear pictures or a PDF file of them? because I have just recently lost mine and cant find anywhere on the internet of them.

Ask and you shall receive.

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Can someone please tell my how I can reset the mods on the controller? It’s like they are disabled or something.any help will be appreciated

There’s no way to reset them. If you have the XLTeam controller, you would hold a and b and press left trigger and the 4th player light should turn on.

Well I know how to turn it on but I have no clue where all the mods went. I try scrolling through them and there is only like 3 mods one
I’m just wondering if there is a way to go back to default settings in it

If you read the doc that I made and SteveWonda posted, it shows you how to change the mods.