Need level 29s for raid on hard

Me and friends did the normal raid and need a few level 29’s we are on the xbox 360 so if you want to play with us put your gamertag down below and i will invite you

GT: SJN Aden

still looking for people . Let me know guys

I’d be willing to join, but I’m only a Lvl. 27 because I feel as if it’d be a waste of Ascendent Shards to max out my current legendary gear when I could simply wait until I achieve all Raid gear and max those pieces out.

…could still add you on X360, I’m always looking for X360 Destiny players!

My thoughts exactly haha. Still the reason I haven’t maxed my helmet. Gotta get that exotic helmet once Xur comes back

Thank god, I’ve had friends past me in level and brag, yet when I tell them my reason for not leveling they are lost and tell me how dumb it is for me to not level up. (If I were to completely level my gear I’d have a “Light Level” of 111 so I’d be a Lvl. 29.)

Again, what is the point of being a Lvl. 28 or 29 when the main purpose is to achieve Lvl. 30, which can only be reach with Raid gear, and level the gear that will allow me to do so with the materials that I have now?

Lvl 29 sunsinger warlock if you want me to join, gt: triston douglas

Gt:Fearless nR
level 29 warlock