Need Nand Donor please

Hey guys I hope this isn’t against the forum rules a quickly read over that, I didn’t seem to see anything against this. I’ll keep it short and sweet. I recently bought the best RGH money could buy. But i was scammed by XBLH, I bought Lifetime and they went free after also selling me 4 shared KV’s that were banned pretty much instantly, and on top of that I was told that I had to flash each new KV onto my nand which I was then told that was incorrect. So after screwing me over that bad, I have 2 bad blocks in my nand. I looked up ways to remove them and there are 3 ways that I have come across:
1 (oldest) Manually move the bad blocks to an unused portion of your nand.
2 (old) Use a program that is way outdated.
3 (only in severe circumstances) Nand donor.

So Basically I need a Nand Donor for a Trinity RGH Glitch 2 KV type 2 US console. If you can help me please contact me via Skype (iPhreak2G) or AIM (iPhreak2G).

I apologize for not being an active member I signed some time ago and I just forgot I was a member. I am currently running a new forum with my friend.