Need Party Buffalo 2.0 Testers

Hey everyone, as the title says I need people to test Party Buffalo 2.0. Since this is a beta, I recommend that you make backups of stuff, although nothing should go wrong. If you go in to your Data partition and it doesn’t show any of your normal folders there, DO NOT CREATE THEM OR TOUCH ANYTHING. Party Buffalo doesn’t properly determine the file allocation table size (in comparison to the Xbox…) and because of that, for some different-sized drives (there are some slightly different 20 GB drives) it may be incorrect.

Download here:

Edit - Beta 3 here:

I gotchu :wink: I’ll try not to break it :smile:

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yo it’s just a precaution so no one makes me pay for accidentally broken **** that I could probably fix


Kidding dude :wink: I like the new file layout < 3 I’ll have to test this with an error I found on the last PB :wink:

bropken link

An exception was thrown: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Press CTRL + C to copy the stack trace:

at CLKsFATXLib.File.Delete()

at Party_Buffalo.Forms.EntryAction.<EntryAction_Load>b__0()


Now my house is on fire, thanks.

That must be something with my blog, because I can FTP and copy the link directly and it still does that. The latest source isn’t uploaded anywho.

I extracted some 30Mb profiles, arcade games and GoD games and they were all pretty fast.

I tested these devices, with said things:
-500 External HDD(16GB allotted) - Halo Reach GoD, 16MB Profile and a couple gamesaves.
-20GB OEM HDD - Arcade Games, some gamesaves and 30MB profiles.
-4GB USB Drive - Some gamesaves and small 2MB profiles.

Side program features tested:
-All view settings

Found Bugs:
-Exit doesn’t seem to have coding under the File tab. :stuck_out_tongue:

OKAY, I’m fixing that.

Thank you sir!

Oh, and one other thing I forgot to post is this new feature where you can right-click a folder on the left and add a “Label” to it so you can label your profile folder or something like that.

Im injecting 31 DLC items, all of which are map packs and arcade games, into my jtag’s hdd. I will post if it was sucessful. Extracting is even a little bit faster now! Im testing on my 443gb external.

Tell me how you reserved 16gb for xbox use on that HDD!?!?!?! < 3

With the label, I think once you change the label you should add the option to reset the label back to default and change the text from “Add Label” to “Edit Label”, also Under the “AddLabel” form, have the textbox load the current label instead of the default text…would be nice. :smile:

Umm format to FAT32, plug into your xbox and choose custom format, and set it to 16gb.

Format the drive to FAT32 then just plug in your external, go to the Console settings > Memory on the dashboard…configure it, then select the highest memory you can allot it. Also, I had 16GB Profile >.> obviously I meant 16MB xD.

FML -__- I feel like a ******

EDIT: Mine doesn’t show up :anguished:

I was going to do that last bit but forgot. When you go to “add” the label for something that already has one, it will just change the current label to the new one. So, I’ll definitely do some UI changes to make the difference to the end user that they’re editing it versus adding another one.

Try this one: