Need some help

Hey so I’m new to this whole modding thing, and was wondering if someone could tell me how to do it, I want to mod my characters on borderlands 2 from the xbox 360 to the 1 but I’m having difficulty extracting the file and getting gibbed to work I’m lost :smiley: .

With your Borderlands 2 save opened in Horizon click on the 'Contents" tab. Now extract the SaveGame.sav file that you find in it. This is the file you modify with the Gibbed editor. After you’re all done in Gibbed and have saved your modifications you’ll need to replace the SaveGame.sav file with the one you just modified. So just go back to Horizon and right click on the SaveGame.sav file and choose replace. Confirm any changes if it asks and use ‘Save, Rehash & Resign’ and you are all done.