Need some serious love help

Alright I am not going into detail but a girl I fell in love with recently decided she wanted to be “just friends” until she figures out whether she wants to be with me or her ex. It is a really rough situation for me because the last time this happened to me, the girl passed away. So I am scared to lose her yet I hate being just friends with someone I am madly in love with. She says she loves me but also loves her ex. She needs to time to figure out who she wants. I want to fight for her and have been but how do I be just friends with someone I love? Should I? What do you guys think I should do?

You suck it up and accept you can’t everything you want in life. Stay friends with her unless you just think it is too awkward or will just be bad for the both of you. I’ve stayed friends with many people I liked but they didn’t feel the same because well I know that isn’t how the world works.

Out of curiosity how are you? I hear way too many people say they love someone and they have either never actually dated the person, been around them for days on end, or they are just young and have no idea what love is(most relationships for people between age of 13-20)

I am 17, but i’ve known this girl since I was 5 years old. We’ve dated on and off nothing serious for a while but we took it serious the past few months and made it official in the beginning of October. I am not one of those people where I just met someone and I am instantly in love. I’ve known this girl almost my whole life.

Just be friends, unless both of you agree it is time to move up the ladder GO FOR IT!

Dude there are going to be so many more women out there for you. You still have College ahead of you don’t get caught up in High School relationships. It might be hard at first, but you just have to suck it up like Chris said.

i love u

Cheating on me I see…

Ha! Like you ever had a chance with my bae

Don’t get too hung up over this one girl if you are only 17.

Like Chris said, don’t get hung up over this girl. I like/liked this girl that I grew up around since I was like 4 years old and I always liked her. We ended up drifting apart and we never talk and I haven’t talked to her in years, but I am totally okay with it, because I know there are many women/girls out there.

Also some serious things to note when choosing to be in a relationship with someone, think of things you both like and have in common. You also want to know overtime how the person you like acts, you might know them as nice and all, but when they aren’t around people they are miserable.

I am 16 going to be 17 in February and from experience I know not to get hung up on girls unless you really “love” the girl you want to have a relationship with and build a bridge with or so you can call it. Just live life man, I would tell her if you are too hungover with your ex, then just be with him, I am not wasting my time anymore, since you are basically wasting your time chasing after a girl that thinks she loves you and someone else… That will just end bad haha.

Move on. If it’s a contest between you and her ex, it’s a waste of time. Plenty of fish, etc.
Personally, I don’t think friendships work after being in a relationship with that person.

You and Chris pretty much hit the nails on the head. Thanks guys!

Way to get friend-zoned.

Here’s what you do. Take her out for a nice meal. Compliment her dress, tell her she’s got extremely beautiful eyes, say ‘you are so damn beautiful’, pay for the food, go watch a movie, watch a comedy so it’s not such a tense atmosphere, see what things she laughs at, spark a conversation from that, tell her you’ve liked her for such a long time there’s no one else you could imagine being with. Invite her back to your place, just sit on the couch and talk to each other, make her laugh, make her fall in love with you, make her forget about her ex. Make her think she’s the only girl in the world that can feel that way. Then. When she’s extremely interested and wants to take things to the next step.

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You literally just made my day.

Condoms, and you will be good.

This has escalated very quickly.

When was the last time you had physical contact with a female?

Uhm, never.