Need to update forza cheats

Hello Developers, I’ve been waiting for the update of your cheats for two months now and I really want to play with cheats so please take care of it , THANK YOU

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Which forza are you referring to?

Forza Horizon 5

As the trainer note says, the trainer is retired and will no longer be updated.

But Wait can you do something about that?

How are you waiting for two months if your profile joined 2 hours ago? :rofl:

i have another ACCOUNT…

So are you creating accounts to spam requests?

its my first request EVER and I just ask that they fix it

Why did you create another account just to request your first time if you already have one? This sounds weird. Another fact, how are you waiting for two months if this is your FIRST request? Developers can’t predict the future so you need to first ask :rofl: :rofl:

Listen, I forgot the details of my previous user… so I opened a new one and it’s official and that’s it and now I need help from them because last time there was no answer

No, the trainer is retired.

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