Need two people for vault of glass raid

So myself and three mates need two others to help us in the raid. We are level 27, 28, 28 and 29.

We haven’t done it so someone who has done it before would be great. We would prefer two people though.

Message me on xbox o IHorney89 o

360 or One?

Sorry, xbox one

Alright cool, I’ll be able to help in about 30 minutes

Awesome. I’ll still be on.

How far are you guys in the raid? I’d be down but I played it the other day and made it all the way to the final boss and had to get off. My team finished it without so I still have to do that. Also lagged out at the part with the oracles before killing the templar so need that loot too

I sent you a message on Xbox, my gamertag is Guardian Azrael

We’re starting from the start

I don’t really feel like starting it all over, it’ll wipe my progress so I’m not gonna be able to play with you.

I’m a 25 hunter about to be 26. But you guys don’t want me but if you need someone invite

Chaotic Typhoon

So i got a good chuckle out of my raid group last night we found the hidden chests and i got the exotic fusion rifle Plan C and a legendary class item looks baD@$$ and the shortly before that i got a legendary shotty from the giant hydra i dont remeber the name its with all the oracles but phew that was a fight and everyone else got shards it was a good laugh

Wow, guess you had the RNG on your side last night! Regarding the weapon, Plan C, I’ve read a lot of good things about it; goes hand-and-hand with the Pocket Infinity.


What part in the raid do you obtain the Athein Auto Rifle. If looks sick.

I’m going to guess it’s random. My friend got a gun and we all got shards. After we completed the sacrifice bit.

Thanks to HoX and Batman for the help.

Yall help a brother out real quick. I want that gun. I’ll tell you where to find some uncommon boots and 25 glimmer, lol.

I’m at work until 5 pm GMT. but if I can help after I will

Oh! You want the boots?! I get of today at 8pm.

I want those boots. Just message me on xbox.

I don’t know if you still need someone, but I have a friend that will help, actually he needs help with it himself. I will PM you his gamertag if you are willing to help each other out.

You can’t receive any more messages. But I’m off to bed now but I’ll add him tomorrow