[.NET] How To Properly Obfuscate/Protect Code

I’ve never obfuscated/protected source code because I’ve never had any reason to but now I do! And while there are lots of resources about how to obfuscate and whatnot, I’m too naive about the matter to really know what to choose from.

With that in mind, how do you properly obfuscate and protect you .NET assemblies?

With obfuscator, but as far as im aware each one of them can be quite easily cracked, so it isnt worth it.

Thanks, but I’m aware that there are many obfuscators that one could easily use and that many of them have vulnerabilities, which leads to me to the point of thread… how do you protect your code?

you can use ractor(new ver.) or DNGuard HVM or smartassembly .all is very strong protect you application:D