Netflix alternatives?

I have been with Netflix for a few years now and it has gotten worse and worse over time with very limited range and choice in my opinion. I’m not sure if it’s just a UK thing but I’m really starting to go off Netflix now. At first it was ideal for me but then I had a daughter and now it has become more beneficial for her than myself. I tried Amazon Prime but I didn’t like the fact I had to ‘purchase’ content that wasn’t available on demand when I subscibed, expecting to have access to such things.

I’m looking for a new alternative streaming service now. One that has taste, a wide range, and more than enough to choose from. I mainly use it for TV shows, particularly “Top Gear” and the occasional movie. It hasn’t got to be top-of-the-chart content but at least something that people have heard. In my daughters case, things like “Barbie”, Disney and Pixar movies are essential!

Please share your recommendations below.

I’m not sure if we’re allowed to share things like this, but I use Primewire. They have everything.

Hulu is pretty awesome for tv shows. They have new episodes pretty much as soon as they come out, instead of waiting months-years for netflix to release new content.

This would be idea but you have to create an account in order to view something from a link that maybe dead. I do need something that has an application which can be downloaded via Xbox or iDevice.

Popcorn time has some stuff.

download hulu plus troy they upload every new show one day after it is on tv its really cool and its all TV shows no movies :smile:

Hulu Plus is terrible, and I actually have it, too.
You get ads despite paying for their terrible service.

I just download shows from, and then upload them via PLEX which is available on the Xbox, too (even though I don’t use the Xbox app).
PLEX adds in all the information needed for shows / seasons / episodes / movies, so it definitely seems to work, and downloading episodes from EZTV takes all of 5 minutes at most.

It’s simple to do and inexpensive.

lol its basicly free since he already has internet to download the show lol

Yes, but PLEX does have some price (purchased the lifetime version of it a while back anyways), and as it wouldn’t be only him using it, having the episode’s description is a nice thing to have.