Never introduced myself

Hey, I was about to write an essay on how much I passionately hate this site. However, I took some time and thought about it. The reason why I am pissed at this site is because 2 years ago my main Xbox Account with MANY DLC and Games was permanently ****ing banned. Why? Because I modded my avatar awards using this fabulous ****ing software. But whatever, the past’s the past. Plus, I should’ve been more careful. But other than getting mad at Horizon for literally making me lose an assload of money, my name is Jonathan but you can call me John. I’m an Xbox fanatic and I love competing professionally in Super Smash Bros. If any lesson was learned here it’s to never ****ing mod your Main account or you will nearly shed a tear as I almost did. But I was too manly for that. Alright, let’s see how this goes.

There’s always a risk of getting banned for using ANY kind of modding software so don’t blame Horizon for it blame yourself you should have been more careful, For example when modding your gamerscore don’t mod more than 5000 a day (try even 5000 a week) each time you mod your gamerscore by a high amount you increase the chances of getting banned, Same goes with the Avatar awards

Probably not a good idea to do anything with the profile. Game saves are usually fine though.

Doesn’t seem quite right…


G’day and Welcome Mate… :thumbsup:
Sorry to hear about your bad experience but you have nobody to blame but yourself. Nobody at Horizon twisted your arm, it was your own greed that got you banned not Horizon’s “fabulous software”.
And if the past is the past why are you even bringing it up, are you sure you’re not having a bit of a sook because it sounds anything other than manly… :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I hope that you have learnt your lesson and you are more careful this time. Please remember that there is always a chance of being caught if you do the wrong thing no matter how big or small the the infraction might be.
I can speak from experience as I got shafted 4 years after I was a naughty boy, that’s right 4 years later and what a nice little surprise that was.
If you need any help or ideas don’t be shy as there’s always somebody around to help out.