New 14 day FREE XBL glitch

Text Tutorial for 48 Hr glitch:

  1. Change Locale to Japan
  2. Create a new account w/ Live Enablement
  3. At the part with the email, make it end in (Ex: noob @
  4. For DOB, make sure your older than 18.
  5. After making the account, go Bing and search for MHF.
  6. Download the demo for MHF 3, once it’s done, launch the game.
  7. After you press start, you should be taken to a website, click on the red arrow.
  8. 2 codes will appear, the top one is your trial code, the bottom one is useless.

Original 48-HR code glitch credits: iRanbirHD from Se7ensins
48 Hour Glitch now gives 14Day Trials - The Tech Game

Could someone get me a code? Every time I try to make a account is says Xbox Live sign up are unavailable, Try again later.

48 hours = 14 days?

Then why does it say 48-hour?

It says on the title it is a glitch. Lrn2read.

Cool glitch

Tutorial says 48 hr glitch. Lrn2read.

Tutorial says 48h now gives 14 day trial.

Stop arguing please.

Thanks for tut, got mine.

Because this way was used to get 48HR now they change those to14 days. So he just copy and pasted the 48hr tut.

I don’t get why this thing isn’t working for me, haha…

This was already post too late friend

Can you stack the 14 day trials?

two things:

  1. if you’re signed into your xbox and when you redeem, it will give you a 2 day

  2. once you have downloaded the demo, launch it from the game library on other accounts you have - dont need to make tons of accounts for this

This works I tried it again so stop saying it does not.

Can anybody PM me a code?. I can’t get one because I can’t find my controller, been looking for it for days, I will also +rep 25 on TTG.

Still working, I think I did it a different way to your tut though, oh well.

If you don’t have a controller then I doubt you need a code.

Invalid code.

But nice try tho. People are too lazy to do it, so they ask on xmb.

I might try this later.

Top code: PRGRP-32PDM-6HW6W-6CXTK-4DM6Z

Bottom code: TK3GX-3J7K6-QP4WQ-FDTX7-F6VPK

Neither work.