New and have a Question

Hello I am new here and hoping someone could answer a few questions.
Before this:
Hi, My name is Zade on steam but because that was taken here I Turned my name into Zadious

but that was taken so i just added a 1

Feel free to add me up on steam Here
Now enough about me, Im ready to ask my question.
If I use the infinity program, Is there a chance I will get a VAC Ban? I really don’t want pack my bags just yet.
( BTW If you couldn’t tell, I’m a PC Person. )

You will not get VAC’d all the mods/cheats are made for offline games, if there are games like COD where you can play online, the mods were made for the campaign/offline version. There is pretty much no chance of you being vac’d since you cant use them online. Hope that helped :smiley:

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Thanks ddy

yeah they make cheats for offline campaign mode, thou in some cases the trainer might also work online, so just as a precaution, don’t use Infinity when playing online.

otherwise i see no chance of getting a vac ban.


Hello my name is hazecloud. I’m also new and have a question since this is the most suitable thread that I find. Does Infinity software forces me to use an open source management, something like the supercomputer program that was mentioned somewhere in the community forum?

Are you talking about the folding thing? The folding thing is completely optional. It was just a charity thing an user set up for the forum. Staff allowed it but aren’t managing it or anything.

Infinity is just a single program, just install it, sign in and use whatever trainers you wish.

Edit: Also, you should have created a topic instead of hijacking an existing topic.


Thanks for the answer. Yea my bad, didn’t want to seek too much attention with a new thread actually.

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Infinity is free to use and offers possibility to vote for games in easy ways. And for VAC-BAN initial question, just take care to others anti-cheat protection.

Never launch a game with EAC activated if you intend to use infinity for this game.
It’s the same for most of multiplayer’s and EA’s games (The forest, 7DTD, Killing Floor 2, Civilization…).
You have to be the host and it may de-synchronise others players or the “game” you join-in and your launched game MUST HAVE DISABLED the anticheat.
My best advice, is to take very care and don’t try without the knowledge that you can loose a lot.

EDIT: Sorry, I’ve seen after that it was more than 10 days old :confused: