New Atheon Cheesing method?

Searched online, but they’re not doing what the title stated. Any links to the correct video?

i haven’t been able to get it working yet myself (mainly because i was going in with random players from LFGwho didn’t know what they were doing myself included) but the easiest way to explain it is.

1: all players go in as usual you want 2 sinsinger warlocks with solar granades (the Area of Effect granade) outside if possibleor tian with the same setup as the original method.
2: get the relic as usual killing the oracles quickly when you come out go straight to the center platform and raise the clense effect to get his attention to you.
3: the 2 sunsingers throw granades at him from behind (like you did with the original method).

if your having problems with him walikg up the stairs wait for him to send people and hold his hands up before making your run behind him, your aim is to force him to step over the front of the center platform and he’ll fall in with some luck, it’s not as easy as the original method but i have been told by my usual players that it does work.

Skip to 1:30 and watch from there. Basically all you do is push atheon towards the middle pillar on the map, you must be using the relic shield and he will start to walk on top of the shield then you drop the shield and he will fall off.

Thanks guys. I’m gonna try these when I get home. Me and some randoms tried doing it just by using grenades to force him to the middle. Once he got to the middle he started floating. I recorded the clip if you want to see it and see what we messed up on. My gamer tag is Ghostayonme