New black ops Everything Unlocked, gun camo's ETC

I take no credit for Anything in this tutorial

May take a few try’s…

You need 2 people!

[b]1.First off invite your friend into a theater match.

2.Rapidly switch lobbies until your friend sees the loading screen(You are switching the lobbies back in forth for the person who is doing the glitch)

3.once the loading screen pops up wait 2-3 secs and tell ur friend to stop switching lobbies(the person that is doing the glitch tell the friend to stop switching the lobbies)

4.A message saying the game is unjoinable or something should pop up. press A and than the same message will pop up with just a loading circle thing.

5.Once that pops up, back out and go to system link and go to create a class.

  1. go to class one and go and hover over the gold camo and wait for a error message to pop up.

7.Press A and it should bring u to a player match. switch to private match and create ur classes.

  1. ENJOY![/b]

From ArkSeyonet, if you cant get it to work read this

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To further comment though:

In order to make it work, once the player got the black ops loading screen while I was switching, I had to make sure that when I stopped switching lobbies, it was on theatre, because anytime I stopped on player match, it would just put him back into my lobby instead of working.


1. Invited him to Theatre
2. Switched from theatre to player match repeatedly until he said he had black ops loading screen.
3. Stop switching when I get to Theatre and wait there. (If you stop at player match it doesn’t work and just puts him back in my lobby.)
4. Then he just backs out at the loading screen that won’t go away. Then he just goes to Local->System Link and highlights gold camo. After about 5-30 seconds it gives the error, and bingo, go to private match and have fun.

video not by me.!


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ill give this a try now

Ill try this out later :smiley:

Works amazingly did this before but really does work.

sweet ill try this when i get on

I will try this, if it works i will love you (no homo)

Can you get banned/ reset for this?

Nice ! Would try it but 360 is broken.

i dont think it works i cannot join a game with it

I cant seem to get the 2nd error msg to pop when I hover over gold camo no error msg

EDIT: got this to work, only the classes you make stay, you dont get to keep eveyrthing else

Switch lobbys back and forth between theature and player match?


I need more in-depth help with this. So when the loading circle pops up im in a Capture the Flag lobby and I back out and it puts me into his lobby then I get the error. Need help please.

If this isnt working for you im sorry but your not doing it right.

this is confirmed working by both my friend and Skydive

the only thing i can say if its not working is to keep trying.

Ok I will.

I mean it took me 10 min but ill help you my gt is xxcrazyyyyxx

100% works
just did it
making a video tut now

if u pm with it i can put it in the tut :wink:

WORKS! 100%