New Call of Duty Advanced Warfare patch coming soon

[/img]Michael Condrey, the Studio Head of Development and Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games gave some details on Twitter about an upcoming patch. He detailed that the update will bring weapon balancing, ranked play updates, map exploits & spawn fixes, optimizations + more. He said to stay tuned for more notes about the update.



What bout last gen?!?!?

Question for those who’ve played Advanced Warfare…
Is the BAL-27 the only decent weapon in the game?

I follow competitive Call of Duty and it seems as if the only weapon the professional players use is the BAL-27. I’ve heard some players mention that the weapon may be getting a nerf and are worried how the game will play competitively if they do mess with it.
I’ve also seen some players using the MORS Sniper Rifle and BULLDOG shotgun, but mainly the BAL-27 Assault Rifle.

The BAL-27 is the best gun in the game because there isn’t recoil. If it does it less to what every gun has

Apparently it got patched to have a lot more recoil than it had before. I use grip on mine so I don’t really notice the difference.

Ah, I haven’t played the game, seen a lot of competitive gameplay, but, like I mentioned, a lot of professional players are wondering how the game is going to play if they change the BAL-27 so I’m just curious about the other weapons within the game since I don’t own the game myself.


@IAmTawsif - I’m currently watching MLG Columbus and I already see a lot of players using the gun with iron-sight/grip rather than with a red-dot so I guess it wasn’t that great of a change; seems like the same weapon from before. (Unlike the PDW in Black Ops: 2, where once they updated it it was no longer that amazing of a weapon…just another weapon with a large clip.)

Finally so many OP weapons