New Call of Duty Weapons Available to Xbox Owners

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC pack isn’t coming out until next year, but Xbox season pass owners already have early access to its bonus weapons.

Pictured below, the AE4 directed energy weapon, and its blue variant, the AE4 Widowmaker, “combine a versatile firing mechanism with all-around movement speed and handling.” Activision says both weapons are available now for season pass holders on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The Havoc DLC pack will also include the first chapter of “Exo Zombies,” a new mode teased as an easter egg in Advanced Warfare’s Exo Survival mode.


heard it overheats too quickly and getting a double kill is a pain in the backside because of it.

spectated a few people with it and it looks terrible imo

Does directed-energy weapon fire show on the mini map?

Any weapon that is not suppressed or doesnt have a suppressor attachment will show up on the mini map.

the gun does suck

Although I may be a bit late with my response, I just wanted to leave my opinion on the somewhat new weapon. It’s pretty lame. It’s as simple as that. >.< It looks pretty mean, but it only seems to be effective when you’re using it on Hardcore game-modes.

For it to even contend with getting a double/triple kill you need the heatsink attachment. Unless you play HC though

The gun is somewhat ok i would say and yes getting a dounle kill is a pain i always find myself reloading or it over heating or whatever even with the heatsink on the gun its ok but i find myself going back to the AK or the Bal

I haven’t even got as for to unlocking any of the weapon attachments. I just switched back to my usual HBa160 assault rifle or whatever it’s called. I’m a regular Hardcore player because essentially every weapon I use on HC game-modes is powerful.

Right now I’m in the process of unlocking the camouflages for each weapon class. I’ve already completed all assault rifles. :smile: