New forza wemod trainer

Will there be a new Wemod trainer for forza 5 ? since the old one has become obsolete due to the game changing its anticheat program

Very highly unlikely. The anti-cheat blacklisted all well known game trainers, including WeMod. Just even having WeMod open in the background immediately crashes the game.

yup notished that when i tried it ,pitty tho made life abit easier ingame ,ohwell back to being honest i guess :wink:

We just need to wait and see coz, in my opinion, the new race just started, first who delivers new working trainer will get a lot of new users.

There will not be a new trainer. The game’s new anti-cheat has made it technologically impossible.

This is not surprising as the developers of the Forza series have always been very anti-cheat, even in single player game modes, which is rare for a game developer.

WeMod’s rival trainer development companies have also permanently retired their Horizon 5 trainers. There is no “race”, the trainer is now obsolete everywhere.

We know people may not be happy with this, but if you want to complain you’ll need to take that complaint to Forza’s developers for making external trainers impossible for their game.

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