New game cheats that are already voted for and requested are reset?

I spent a lot of my point to request for Hyper Light Drifter… Now, it’s all reset… :confused:
Did I spent all my points for nothing?


Replying as a bump. Europa Universalis IV was fully funded and now it’s barely a quarter of the way there? What happened?


All games were divided by 1000. We didn’t scale with our members and way too many games became funded very quickly. Votes are now worth more than points.

Quick edit: We’ve reworked the voting system completely. There is no longer a hard cap on votes for a game. The more votes the higher up the list it moves and higher the priority it gets.

EU4 is still at 270 votes which is in the top 10 I believe. The last thing we are trying to do is remove all the progress people put into voting for games.


Ah, that makes more sense. Thank you for the response and the hard work. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you mean by “All games were divided by 1000” that, for example, games that had reached the 250,000 point cap were changed to 250 votes when the change rolled out?


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Thanks for clarifying… :slight_smile: