New Games

Is there any other application that can be downloaded that has more games than Horizon? Horizon has quite a bit of games but what about some older ones? Fallout New Vegas, Borderlands 2, Forza 2, Red Dead, etc.

ther are a couple but most of the time it is easier just to find a save editor for the game your looking for and download that as they are updated faster than most All In One type editors
borderlands for instance best off with the gibbed editor for that one it has more options than All In One editors could do.

  • Ellipse
  • Modio
  • 360Revolution

Are a few other apps that offer editors. You can google links for them, and search for other tools there too. Use the following search key words to find more.

  • XBox 360 Tools
  • Save Game Editors 360
  • Game Save Tools 360

Right now I was just looking to mod Fallout New Vegas.

How do i add new games

You create them

01). Open Horizon
02). Connect your USB or XBox Hard Drive
03). Click on Profile Mods
04). Open Game Adder
05). Select games you want added
06). Go into Q tab & add games

Its that simple.

I been that for the past 4 days. I’ve added 4 games and I still don’t see them on my profile.

The game adder doesn’t actually give you the game to play, it just makes it appear on your list of games played. It’s only ever really used in combination with gamerscore modding because it allows you to get more games to mod the achievements on.