New GTA 5 Update coming next week!

The Bravado Stirling GT featuring Gull-winged doors

The new Enus Windsor which can be customized with 8 wraps created by the high-end designers of Rockford Hills

The all new SOLID GOLD aircrafts: The Buckingham Swift and Luxor

Front and back of the new super car, The Pegassi Osiris. Also in the picture you can see the new clothing that will also be featured in this update.

The new Combat PDW coming to an Ammunation near you!

The Albany Virgo


Another half baked update. A couple of cars and some clothing? pls r*, do some story or map content.

Gold aircraft? Really…?

The clothes look cool I guess…

They ran out of ideas and just said ‘**** it. Take the air crafts and put gold on them’

The Bravado Stirling GT, looks incredible.

Looking forward to this.

I think it might be the Ferrari GTO 250

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

that n*gga is scary af

Finally some enus wrappers!