New Guy & Dishonored Save Editor?

Hey Horizon users, I’m new to the forums but not new to Horizon. Anyway I’m Jared and I have been using Horizon for a long while. So I was wondering is a Dishonored Save Editor being made at the moment and I’m surprised they haven’t coded in a Skyrim Save Editor.

Welcome to XMB Jared! I’m not sure if the are making a Dishonored or Skyrim tool but if you want to request one post it on here;

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Make a suggestion here and make sure you follow the right criteria here. (Click the “here’s”.)

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Hi Jared. I have a Legit COMPLETED Dishonored Save. :smile:

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Welcome friend! Hope you enjoy your stay & be active as well. I know of a place where to get a Dishonored Coin editor tool. You can find it here. :smile:

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