New here need belp

Do I need to jtag or rgh to be able to install emulators on my 360 and if I do is There anyway of mod with out a chip

Yepp you need a jtag to install emulators on 360
It’s bin a while but I think I have like 12- 15 emulators on mine

Thank u what would be the easiest way to jtag my 360

Probably look on internet for rgh or jtag probably go for peanuts now a days
Or if you got some smarts can sent a way for the board and solder it in yourself
I had to send away for a 360 already done !
A dude in Canada I got mine from is a dual nand

Ok thank u

I new to this what do I do to mod the elder scrolls skyrim on xbox 360 I have it saved on a usb drive do I need anything else?

Ya a pc , and horizon ,
And google