New here, so need some questions answered

Hi all! So, I’m not used to this site, as the only reason I joined was to basically cheat on Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain (I’ve beat it numerous times, so I’m not THAT dishonorable XD) because some guy on youtube said this was a good site to bleep with my games.

So, I shall get to it. Here’s the things I need answers on, if yall’d kindly answer them.

  • Is there a way to mod Xbox games with Infinity (Mainly MGSV2)? If so, how?

  • is there a tool for modding Xbox Save Files in general, or do I need an individual program for that?

And finally * My best bet is probably a solid no, but is there a way to curse on here without setting off the bleeping profanity filter if it has one, as I come from a long line of sailor mouths and need a way to curse like an Irishman who stubbed his toe.

Thank you for your time, and have a fan-bleeping-tastic day! :wink:

Helllo and welcome to WeMod!

Infinity is only for PC games. However WeMod does have Horizon, which is for editing Xbox 360 saves and profile data. If you’re looking to mod Xbox One game saves you’re pretty much out of luck. There was a tool called Vantage for X1 but it was very limited in what it could do and I don’t think it even works anymore but I could be wrong.

As far as cursing goes I’d say just yell it on your end and leave us with an emoji.


Well @JauneArc201 welcome to WeMod.

WeMod let me put it simply, PC Games Only. They have a great selection of PC Games that has trainers out already and there always constantly getting updated. Even if your games not on the app itself it can still be voted to develop a trainer for a game the WeMod Community voted on. Ofc We Points can be acquired by using trainers in your games and then you use WMP for vote points to request your favourite game to have a trainer created by the wonderful WeMod Creators.

Horizon has been around for donkey years, It’s a great tool to edit your XBOX 360 savefiles, But I do suggest you copy your save file and put it on your computer in a safe document just incase. Horizon is for xbox 360 but it can only be used on PC/Laptops. To do that you’d have to have a blank usb that’s big enough for your files you want to edit or “file” and use horizon on the pc to edit it. There’s tutorials here and on Youtube to master it in no time.

Hope that answers all your questions. Have a good day

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@SteveWonda @I3loodDevil

Okie doke. Thank you both very much! Bummer that I can’t mod 360 games, but at least I can modify saves. Thanks very much and have a nice day!

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Your welcome @JauneArc201