New JTAG Rebooter - 12625 Dash - Release Soon

Moddified360 on YouTube has made a new rebooter for the new 12625 kernal
and says in his other videos there will be a release sometime this month.

Please do not post saying ‘‘FAKE’’ if you think its fake, then keep it to yourself.

Great here come the 11 year olds with mods again /:

Time to ruin black ops.


Seen this before - it’s fake.

hes not online when he boots up xex menu - notice how his avatar changes.
The video is edited to make it look as though hes online, when he’s actually not.

Avatar changes at 2.44
Its fake =(

yup its fake

glad it fake

its fake but there is a legittttttt sticky on youtube for a 15th lobby :o

Notice when your online, and about to start a game you are in the section called “My Xbox” and when your online the one on top of that one is “Game Marketplace”.
He is offline, his just says “Welcome” instead of “Game Marketplace”.

B4 he went to xex menu then the black lines came in to play

Then when he went to xex menu