NEW Keeping your classes after prestige (works on the 50.17.36 Patch.)

EDIT: Also still works on the 50.17.36 Patch.

This works after the new version update today.

  1. Start a Xbox live party (it doesnt matter of there are friends in it)
  2. Go to multiplayer > Xbox live
  3. Hit B and then go local > Split Screen
  4. When in a Split screen lobby click “Y” (for friends) then scroll to xbox live party
  5. when on the Xbox live party click your self
  6. then click combat record. then press “B” Again.
  7. Go down to prestige, and follow the instructions.

Made by DareDeviL

Thanks =]

Copied from my 7s thread.

nice find, gonna try soon …

Well alright, got to get to 50 before this is fixed. Thanks

Already posted.

Not this method. Old method is posted, but patched.

does this work?

yes i did it today level 12 runnin round with my command high killstreaks and pro perks ftw!!!

WAIT is this only for combat training because i only play online
but nice find

Yeah it works as of last night, Did it hopefully can get to 50 again before the patch.

Crap I need to level 3 more times >.<

Hopefully I can get to level 50 by the end of the day. Nice find.

cool ima try it when i get to level 50

10 more levels and i can try this woop woop :smile:

Sad face.

I just prestiged last night.

must be patched cause didnt work

I just did it like 1 hour ago. it works unless it just got patched.

If it didnt work for you than you must have done it wrong. It has been confirmed by me and MANY other people to work on the 50.17.36 patch.

just did it still works yaaaaa

Just did it, THANK YOU!

well, i just got done level 50, and did the trick of going through splitscreen to pull up my playercard offline, and all my custom classes are what they were before i prestieged, including the pro perks. if i want to change anything, i have to buy what i want, and need to unlock all pro perks, but what was stored in the classes is still there. it did take the color classes fro the modified gpd file out though…