New Mcafee update prevents the use of wemod

the new McAfee antivirus update doesn’t allow for wemod to be used please help I also can’t find a way to exclude wemod from its searches

You could uninstall Mcafee and just use malwarebytes

my dad is the one who pays for Mcafee he would kill me id much prefer that wemod updates around it

Normally with antiviruses, we’d ask users to add the WeMod folders as an exception.

However, with McAfee, you can’t add folders to the antivirus’ exceptions. You can try adding all of the files from these locations to your antivirus’ exceptions. Keep in mind, this is a tedious process.

McAfee: How to add exceptions -

Ok, I had the same problem and unfortunatly i ended up having to install new antivirus software, as i could not find anyway to fix it, for some reason McAfee now uses both its own firewall and bitdefender aswell and u can not change the settings to allow through the Mcafee firewall anymore, u can try to turn it off and whitelist in bitdefender but i found that it still didnt work on my computer its stops the trainers from being installed and puts them into the quarentine area of McAfee, as much as i hate to say this but like i said i ended up installing kaserky free trial to see if that would let it through and it does, so my only advice i can give is look for new internet sucurity, try the trial version first though and see if that works