New member here

Whats up everyone old timer/first timer CREDITHOG saying hello from Massachusetts…Home of the cheating Patriots!!! :smiley:

Look forward to trying some mods out, have no idea what I am doing but we will give it a try. Also look forward to conversing with you guys!

xbox 360, ps4, xbox one. Have absolutely no experience modding! Just love playing games and am getting to old to try and unlock everything… :smile:

Favorite Games:

Forza (all of them)
PGA Tour golf

Some other stuff.


Welcome newcomer
I’m Mrmos Feel free to ask me anything! all your important links are in the staff’s signature and mine pm me and ask me anything my contact is in my sig
Try adding a profile picture to expand your profile and try helping others here and definitely read the TOS
And Enjoy your stay here at horizonmb


Your Friend,Mrmos

Nice man, welcome to the website. I am a Buccaneers fan boo Patriots. But enjoy yourself here, very friendly and awesome people on this site. :smile:

Hey Hog!

Nice to have a new member around. If you need anything, just create a thread and I’m sure one of us can help.

Thanks everyone!! I look forward to being part of the community and look forward to learning everything I can to help others.

Hello folks;
I am brand new to the program and to the site. I am 28 married, with 2 kids and play games after my kids go to sleep at night. =)
Is there any youtube video or instructions out there for me to watch to learn more about the program? For example what to do with the USB drive before I start up horizon app, etc.

Favorite game of all time besides shooting/ rpg games is WWE series.
Yankees fan/ Jets-Giants Fan.
Yes I am from Ohio but I am not a big buckeye fan. =)


Well for starters, you just gotta make sure your USB is configured to your xbox, ie has your profile on it or gamesave or whatever you want to mod. Then plug it in your computer and open Horizon.