New member without a clue on how this works lol. after unicorn cars for forza

hi all thought id say a big hello as just found this site and pretty amazed so far, im the older gamer but get confused as to how i work this all out. basically if i join as a diamond member how do i go about getting these ‘free perks’ :wink: im after and have been for a long time now the unicorn cars on forza 4, when i have joined with diamond how do i get these put on my save profile and can someone point me in the right direction to do this. i do apologise as not very technically advanced so any help would be much appriciated

thanks and all the best


Hey pal, nice to see you joining up. As far as modding Forza 4 goes there’s a helpful tutorial already on the site here:

You should only need a USB and then the tutorial walks you through most things quite well. You may have to format the USB by plugging it into the Xbox beforehand and going to the hard drive section but I can’t remember to be honest. If there’s anything unclear just let me or someone else know and I’m sure they’ll go through it with you.

sweet mate thank you so much, been hell researching these unicorns and endless deadends of pages and sites so glad i found a decent site at last. ive managed to get myself plenty of money hehe but as far as getting cars have been a tiring effort. lol.

many thanks and if i encounter probs ill be in touch :thumbsup: