New Name: HorizonMB

XboxMB has been renamed to HorizonMB! Unfortunately, this was necessary due to legal reasons, but nothing else has changed other than the name. We hope it’ll catch on quickly. All links pointing to will be redirected to the new domain ( We still have some tweaks to do in the page header, so the changes aren’t final.

Not having Xbox in the name gives us the opportunity to develop tools for every console :wink:

Special thanks to EdenSkins for our new logo!

I was wondering why when going to it sook me to
guess that clears it up

Sucks that you had to change it due to legal reasons but it should also help attract a wider audience as the site will hopefully appeal to other consoles (hint hint add more sections)

Also the twitter, Facebook and YouTube are all under the name XboxMB, I know that they’re not exactly active but I just thought I’d say so in case you want to use them in the future, may have to remake them or just stick with them.

Hahah I was wondering what was going on when I typed in


My browser is still on XboxMB, but anyways I like the new name. Sounds good for you guys, cause you can now make more tools for more than just 1 console.

Smart move, gives the opportunity more growth and a more diverse site direction. I like it.
Glad to see the changes, growth and evolution are still happening.

Sounds kinda silly but whatever makes the site better!

Clear cache and history. Also do I smell some PS4 tool’s? :wink:

XboxMB or HorizonMB, still the same place. Doesn’t bother me a bit.

Not a fan of the name change but as you said it does allow for more opportunities.

Will the site colours be updated too? Or will it be staying white and green, like that of the Xbox?

The theme is staying the same.

Everything should be changed now. Let me know if you see any references to XboxMB!

Will delete this once you see it.


Under skins.

The huge ass xboxmb emblem on the home page

Damn, more changes.

Move along nothing to see here.

“The new logo is awesome, and it’ll be in the header soon!”

I don’t like it…

Open Me

Alright. If you ever have the free time, you should add a blue variation to it. Easier on the eyes. :smile:

Contest Engine and it’s thread needs to be changed. Maybe go through all of the subforums and make sure the stickied threads have been renamed (as needed).