New old guy

Name / Gamertag / Username
Brokenshadows, or JakeTheRogue, or GradelWolph, or GrumpyBastard (get off my lawn!)

Gaming Platform(s)
Mainly PC, although a little bit of PS3/4

i don’t really have a favorite. i love stealth games like the Thief, Hitman, and Deus Ex franchises. i enjoy side-scrollers as much as i enjoy FPSs, point-n-clicks, or top-down RPGs. Action, puzzle, horror, and so on, all make the list at some point.

Past modding experience
My only modding experience is installing mods other people have made.

Gaming, reading, writing, crafting, yelling at kids

Why you joined / Where you heard of us
i joined because i was trying to find a working Dishonored GOTY trainer, and so far all of them had been disappointing.


G’day and welcome mate…
I hope that you enjoy your stay with us and you have luck with your Dishonored trainer


Welcome to the community Sir Jake!

And if you dont like guest in your lawn , you shouldnt put delicious grass in it in the first place!


Oddly enough, i got a notification to update my Radeon driver a little while after i made my post. After updating the video driver, my sound issue seems to have resolved itself. It’s probably coincidental, but i’m not going to complain.

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