New One Here!

Hello there all! You can call me Pandorym. While I’m not new to Infinity (been using it for a bit), I did just recently vote on my first game, using a huge chunk of the points I’ve accumulated. I love this application - cheating helps me fully enjoy the games I play, especially when they’re mostly story-based. Saves me from having to worry about mundane things like how many bullets or healing potions I have.

I currently have an Origin PC and a PS4, and recently I’ve been playing Kingdoms of Amalur, the Deus Ex series, and various indie games off of Steam. For hobbies, I enjoy sleeping and eating, as well as tabletop gaming with my group of friends!

Thank you for the welcome to the forums. May Infinity and WeMod prosper for many an age to come.


Allow me to give you a warm welcome to the community, sleeping and eating are also my favourite pastimes, hobbies that i have a high degree of skill thanks to several years of practice.

May your stay be long :sunny:

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Welcome to wemod ! I too also enjoy and ( good ) at sleeping and also eating !! Can’t tell you how many times I fell asleep playing a game on pc and waking up with my arm pushing down all the buttons of the key board ! Have fun here every one is really nice !