New Profile Crown Modder w/ Kinect NXE Launch watermark

GUYS GUYS GUYS!!! CALM DOWN! I have the answer to your questions… It would be nice if they add this to Horizon… Check it out. and don’t tell me they already have it on there… Its an updated one for the Kinect NXE Launch.
To sync the years with Xbox, go to avatar editor and save your avatar.

Virus Scans
I take no credit for the creation of this program.

virus scan?

Oh yeah! Wait up sorry.

oh and it says i don’t have the nxe watermark something, any help for that?

Try recovering your account and then doing it. Thats how i got mine to work.

okey dokie

Also, for the years to be synced to your account… Just go to your avatar editor and save your avatar.

ya re hash and resign

Just a note, NXE Launch Team will not show up for other people, only yourself. It is serversided, much like your gamerpicture.

And this belongs in Modding Tools, not Horizon Modding.


When I try and open my profile into the editor it says NXE watermark not found. I’m trying to add it… So I obviously don’t already have it. Is that just a glitch?

Oh, Well thanks for moving (: i’m about to post a better virus scan pic.

Can someone do a virus scan for me or give me a site to post my screenshot? I’m having problems with it.

Try recovering your account then doing the NXE, that might not be it but it worked for me.

Kk, I’ll try it tomorrow, thanks for the download tho.

Welcome (:

well whats the purpose of the stages on the kinect it just displays a number and the NXE= would equal a ban on your account…

This is just the same old crown modder as before ive already tried it and the watermark dont work like it always never did

yeah this is acting weird

when u cant find an NXE water mark on it, Its because u made ur account after the first original dash The dash with the “Blades” If u made ur account after that u cant have the NXE logo