New rebooter "fbBuild 0.1" released to bring JTAG's Back online

> Well The NEW Freeb00t has Been Released to the Public by the freeb00t team. It was previously said that ikari had left the team after hearing of a new Dash build and rebooter being made in the process.Well Today the freeb00t team has stepped up And came through once again in the clutch after numerous posts and news saying it was not.This New rebooter allows you to reboot into the current build of 12611 Kernel also allowing the support for Kinect and Kinect games...This is a glorious Day for The Homebrew scene and a blow to microsoft once again as Black ops has been released and new rebooter as well..One Can only speculate of when the first video proof of a Black ops Lobby is imenent...Some quick info concerning the new measures in place for the new Kernal build - supports both flash tool and ibuild extracted kv/smc_config - supports injecting Mobile*.dat - previously revoked usb devices should now work - kinect works (apply system update for avatars and kinect) Modders Gonna mod...This means its a live Dash rebooter allowing unsigned code to bypass the update showing a new dash on old kernal...Live is once again available for the modders and Black Ops seems the discussion and front runner for these Online mods.



hahaha YES!!!

this is amazing

LOL Long Live The JTAG!

yes… its about time and i need that freeboot

Yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhh no more boosting lol

Just broke my black ops. :smile:

damn… maybe I should get a JTAG but not do stupid **** on it.


I knew this was gonna happen lol all we had to do is wait.

knew something was gonna come up about this. always a way around something :smiley:

where do you even get freeboot?

Cant wait to host one of the first lobbies. Maybe free for diamond users :smiley:

**** yes.

first you have to figure out how to mod it.

Yeah don’t get too excited everyone. We still need someone to decrypt the files and release them to the public which might take a very long time

If someone is very good it won’t take very long. Hopefully no one is that good that will release it to the public.

we get knocked down and we get up again aint ever gonna keep us down lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, back to Reach :confused: