[NEW]Save Vault V3 - Online Save Sharer

Save Vault is an online save sharer where users can upload and share their Xbox 360 saves and GPDs with other users without any hassle what so ever. Save Vault provides a clean and simple method of finding your favourite saves and GPDs allowing you to download them with ease.

With the built in resigner you no longer need to open up the save in one of the many modding tools to change your IDs. With Save Vault you just add your profile and you can select the profile when downloading a save and it will immediately resign your save ready to be moved onto your device.

Save Vault v3 introduces a Device Explorer so you can directly download the save to your device no longer requiring your favorite modding tool. This feature is a Premium only feature which is currently being tested by a select group of users until all bugs are fixed. Premium members can expect to gain access to this feature within September.


The home page got a big revamp including grids for the Most Downloaded Saves and Recently Uploaded Saves. Where you can quickly navigate to your vault, upload a file and browse. Save Vault is available in two skins"Light" and “Dark”.


Uploading is a very streamlined task you only requiring to enter a fitting title a informational description like the modded things the save contains. A new feature in Save Vault v3 is the ability to upload multiple saves so you can easily share savesets.


Downloading Saves
The downloads page is very similar to the download page of Save Vault v2 the biggest change made is you can now download multiple files listed. If you’re a Premium member you will get the option to download a ZIP containing all the saves. When starting your download you will be asked with which profile you want the saves to be resigned.


Downloading GPDs
A new feature in Save Vault is the ability to upload GPD files. Just upload them like you would do with a regular save. We automatically parse the GPD and retrieve the achievements for it checking which achievements are unlocked and how much gamer score they give.


Commenting, Liking & Disliking
If you want to ask something about to save or would like to express you liking the save you can either Comment or give the save a Like or Dislike.


The Categories section allows you to easily navigate and search for saves for your favorite games by game name, developer, publisher and even its genre. Having the option to sort and order to get faster to the save.


We’ve revamped the search engine so it is now possible to search by save, gpd, game, publisher, developer and genre.


Profiles are used by the resign function to rehash and resign your save before the save starts downloading so you no longer need to use a external tool. Adding a profile is easy and to the point you enter your Gamer-tag and Profile ID optionally you can enter a Device ID and Console ID. If you are a Premium member you can have the website fetch your Profile ID using your Gamertag (Note: this feature may not work for all users).


The settings page will allow you to change your password and site settings like Avatar, Time Zone, Save Display Style, Whether or not Metro tiles should animate, Skin and Vault Feed type. There are four different Save Display Styles you can use to list saves.


Metro Tiles




Light Skin

Dark Skin

The Notifications center allows you to send and receive private messages from other save vault users.



Join Now!

[INDENT]Enjoy all benifits like downloading, uploading by joining Save Vault. You can signup at https://www.savevault.net/Account/Register.


Pretty nice :wink:

Yo David you need to sort the activation link out it sends you to
When it needs to send you to

It is updated already, Thanks for reporting it anyways :thumbsup:

That is really cool, I like how it looks. :smile:

This looks great. Cant wait to start using it.

Still no verification email. It’s like watching grass grow.
This site sucks.

Look in your junk folder, that’s where mine went.

Got mine instantly. I guess Dave just hates you.

In all the years I’ve had my Gmail, I’ve never had an email go in spam when it shouldn’t have.
Dave made a new record.

He does.

Site looks good, i like it.

Very nice job David, I will be using this often :smile:

Looks. Amazing. Donated 25p to you… It’s all I had in my paypal.

Can you explain to me how you resign over the web? Is it through ASP? Because in PHP i’ve been unable to find a function that lets me read and write bytes.

Also, there is a potential grammar issue, may just be me.
To me
"There is 13 users currently browsing Save Vault"
should be:
“There are 13 users currently browsing Save Vault”

Post this on TTG and other sites.

Spread the word sort of thing.

Basic reading and writing can be done with PHP using fread and fwrite; how I originally did it with Save Vault v1 but it had no resign. 80% that you can resign with PHP though.

With V2 I did use ASP and it is great.

@LT3 - it is posted on S7 and TTG

With ASP would I do it the same as C#? Obviously getting the file would be a bit different.

It is exactly the same as it uses the .NET framework with very minor differences like file path.

Oh great, so the hardest part would be organizing all the information then.

Looks great Dave, I’ll be leeching off it asap.