New site, new opportunities :)

Hi i’m Sunkist I’ve been around for a while, but not really much for the last few years (was banned). Frank was kind enough to give me another opportunity to come back. I have a new outlook on the site, I plan on spreading knowledge and other good stuff. I used to just troll and post pictures of cucumbers and belt sanders, as well as make alternate accounts (i eat food). I’m following Travis’s outline so here’s my steam account if you want to add me: --a little disclaimer, I cheat in every game I play online. One of my primary hobbies is making cheats/programming in general. This is a cheating website so I guess that fits the bill.

Some games i’ve been playing lately are ArmA: 3, CS: GO, elite dangerous, space engineers, and more. Some more rust is to come after I make cheats (@LessThan3 bugs me all the time). I’m solely a PC gamer, my xbox doesn’t turn on anymore after some recent experiments, I didn’t use it anyways.

Past modding experiences I have with xbox 360s is just general savegames mods, profile mods, etc… As well as jtags hacks, back when you had to solder an LPT cable in the xbox just to dump the nand for a half hour, then later to find out it’s a bad dump. PC? I don’t always consider hacking/cheat on PC “modding”, but i’ll use that term now. I know C/C++ quite well, some python, as well as x86/x86_64 architectures. Programming in the kernel is fun, but gets irritating…

Why did I join/where did I head about xmb/hmb/wemod? Just codtool and I followed the timeline from there.

If you have any questions about anything, just ask…


Thanks for using my outline! I legit just spent almost an hour re-writing all of that thread so I hope it looks alright.

Also, I am happy to see the “real” you back, after banning about 12 of your alts. Hopefully this time (pretty sure you are on 5 or 6) you will not mess it up.

:heart: Trav

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Ahhh, you’ve been posting some good stuff. Welcome back (officially)

…whats so bad about posting cucumbers and belt sanders? :stuck_out_tongue:

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G’day Mate & Welcome Back…

…It’s not the cucumbers or belt sanders but the way they were being used that was the problem :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Welcome back! :smiley_cat: