New Tablet Recommedations

I am thinking about getting another tablet. Currently, I have an iPad Mini which I am more than satisfied with in most areas but it doesn’t always give me what I want, when I need it. For example, it does not support USB and I cannot simply download something without having to download it onto a PC first then transfere it.

What I am looking for…

  • USB Support to drag and drop items with ease from the Tablet to the portable drive.
  • Around the same size as an iPad for easy mobility.
  • Powerful enough to download movies etc. and play them with simplicity.
  • Price… I have no idea yet.

I thought I would need a Windows Tablet but I really don’t know what else is on the market that could tick all of requirements.

If you feel you can aid me in my search then please post your comments below.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 might be right up your alley. Same size as an ipad but with the freedom of android.

Use MX Player for your movies as it is the best video player on Android.
Use Flud to download your movies from torrent sites.

Recommend seller?
Somewhere I can see specs?

Probably Amazon or computer shop.

And sure

No USB though :confused:

Get a USB OTG cable

I used it all the time to connect my PS4/PS3 controller or my usb snes controller to play emulators. Cheap as well so you’ll get them for around £3.

This Asus looks decent and it’s on sale pretty cheap Click Me It would also need a usb otg adapter. I think it will be hard to find a tab with full size usb port these days.

What is Windows 8 like? I have used it briefly in Computers store and I didn’t really like the feel of it, but a friend of mine has said its ok.

I didn’t care for Win 8 when I first put it on my desktop PC, but after a few weeks I got used to it and have no complaints.

Thank you for the information guys! I will have a look at what else is out there and compare the results with what you have provided.