New to horizon need help with the download

hi guys

ive joined as a diamond member but cant seem to download the modding package, not sure were im going wrong here as not the bet with pc’s. i need to ask as last time i downloaded a program my pc died so would like to aviod that again lol.
basically looking to mod forza 4 with cars so any help to how i do it and how i download horizon would be great

thanks cookie

Download Horizon from the link below, and it should download, and install properly. Good luck.

Download Horizon:

superb its worked and my pc hasnt died lol, now have some spectacular cars in my garage i had to create a new games save but guessing thats a good thing having them on an offline account. is there anything else i can mod apart from cash credits and levels. ive seen cars with bumpers missing a cars with other standard wheels, how is this achieved??? im well intruiged well

thanks horizon team you have actually made my day today 5 star rating from me